Go Ahead - Ask For It

Go Ahead - Ask For It

As we grow up, we are often told "Don't ask for that", it's impolite. We are programmed to think that asking for help, support or direction means that we can't do it ourselves. And frankly this just doesn't make sense.

Like many lessons that were taught to us, this is one that I think we need to out grow, and the quicker the better. Let me explain. Today I saw the quote by Shakti Gwain that said...

"You create your opportunities by asking for them"

And I believe that's true. How can you generate anything new if you don't ask questions? Is it possible to create opportunities without asking for more information? If you look at any successful person, they have developed the skill of asking for what they want.

They don't do it in a rude way, nor do they do it expecting others to make things happen for them, but they ask. They request help in strategic, well thought out ways that are MUTUALLY beneficial to the people they ask. They pose the questions that no one else will, and they solicit what they need to move forward with their goals.

The most successful people are masters at finding resources that can connect them to opportunities that they couldn't access on their own, and they do so in a way that isn't selfish or rude. So I raise the question...isn't asking part of moving forward, isn't asking part of creating new opportunities, and isn't asking OK? And contrary to what our grandma's taught us, isn't asking a good thing?

But why then if it is a good thing, does it get such a bad rap? Bottom line, most people ASK for help because they don't want to do it themselves. They ask for things that only benefit their interests, and they ask for support because they feel entitled to it. Asking has become the thing to do when you don't feel like doing it yourself. And that's bad.

The ability to ask for something is earned. It's not something you do with strangers, and it's not something you do if there isn't anything "in it" for you. Asking is a skill that has to be learned, and there is an appropriate time to use it.

Asking for help is the perfect way to create new opportunities and move forward as long as you follow these simple guidelines:

Only ask for help if you are truly unable to do it yourself (no laziness allowed!)

Do it unselfishly

Seek mutually beneficial results

Appreciate and express thanks

NEVER ask for help from someone you haven't helped before!
By following these guidelines, your simple act of requesting help actually turns itself around and you give more than you get. And that is what creates success. So ask away, and give even more, and see what the future holds.

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